View Source Code on Mobile Browsers With Our Free Tool

Wondering how to view source code in Chrome mobile or on Safari? Ninja Tools has a free utility that will allow you to view source code on mobile versions of your site and compare it side by side with your desktop browser source code. The tool is free and easy to use. Simply insert your URL and select the mobile and full browsers you’d like to view. The code will appear side by side below. The Mobile Source Code Viewer is a quick and easy way to compare your Chrome mobile source code with the desktop source code to avoid possible indexation problems. Check the content length on each, the link count, and whether the codes are identical all at a glance.

Fix an Unresponsive Mobile Site

Is your mobile site not responsive? Our tool will help you take a quick look at your Chrome mobile source code to determine why. Use the tool to quickly and easily grab code when modifying your m-dot site. Or check your design to see why the site might not be as responsive as it should be. A quick and easy comparison will help you make sure your mobile site has an optimal design. You won’t have to wonder how to view source code in Chrome mobile format when the results are a click away. Best of all, this tool is free!

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