Capture Google Featured Snippets With This First-of-its-Kind Tool

Google featured snippets have become some of the most important positions in the SERPs. Figuring out how to capture featured snippets for your website isn’t easy: That’s why Internet Marketing Ninjas offers a unique featured snippet tool that will greatly increase your chances of creating content that appears as a Google featured snippet. This tool will show you featured snippet opportunities you’re missing in an organized way, including competitors’ snippets that you can optimize your pages for. With our tool, you’ll be able to easily see which keyword phrases to focus on and how to format your content for optimal results.

Why Do You Need Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets are known as position zero in Google, and they are the first results that grab a user’s attention. As Google perfects their algorithm, more and more queries will have a featured snippet result that draws clicks away from other search results. Optimize your pages for Google featured snippets to keep your competitors out of this space.

How to Get a Featured Snippet for Your Site

Figuring out how to get a featured snippet might seem complex, but this tool simplifies the process. First, for every URL on your site, it analyzes up to 80 valuable keyword phrases for which you rank in the top 15 in Google’s search results. Next, the tool will analyze the phrases that display featured snippets, the style of the snippet, and the value of each phrase. The tool also incorporates “People Also Ask” and “Searches Related to” data. These results are related to Google featured snippets, so it’s important to optimize for these, too. Using this data, our content editing functionality will allow you to create content optimized for featured snippets using the headings and formatting indicated in the data.

Rerun the tool to see changes compared to your initial run, and watch as you gain featured snippet positions in the SERPs. You’ll be amazed by the power of this tool.

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